Spock was the only person who demonstrated true, unselfish love in Requiem for Methuselah. No one else understood the meaning of the emotion. 

First, let’s be realistic. Jim did not fall in love with Rayna in two hours; he fell in lust. Go ahead and blame the brandy.

Flint did not love Rayna; he wanted to control her and own her, to satisfy his loneliness. He made copy after copy of her, trying to create something perfect that could love him. 

Rayna did not love either of them, because she was an android. (Spock says she died from love; I say she died from circuit overload listening to two men fight over her without saying, “Hey, what do you want?”)

Bones felt sorry for Jim, and he genuinely hurt to see his friend upset, so there is brotherly love there, but he couldn’t do anything to help. 

It is Spock who acts without anyone’s knowledge, with no benefit to himself, and gives Jim the gift of peace by blocking his memories of Rayna, because he loves Jim that much. It was tender and sweet, and something we never witness him offer another crew member. 

And that’s why this episode made me weep.

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WIP nearly done with a print of Spock I’m making for a local arts and crafts fair. C:


WIP nearly done with a print of Spock I’m making for a local arts and crafts fair. C:

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is that you hobby lobby

Am I the only one that’s a just a tiny bit pissed off that this is still an issue?

The Original Series wasn’t even in the general VICINITY of fucking around yo

OKAY, so you know I care about reboot and all, despite its problems, because that shit got me into Star Trek in the first place. But you wanna know its major problem? It’s not good science fiction. It’s an action movie in space. GOOD science fiction is the original fucking series, right here.

They took a social issue that was HIGHLY TABOO and made a show about it because you can get away with that kind of thing by putting it on another planet and just having the Enterprise point the bullshit out. It’s 2014 and this argument is sadly still relevant. And do you know why it’s still relevant? Because the average person isn’t well-educated in social issues. They’re well-educated in summer blockbusters. We need more science fiction that broadens the mind and just doesn’t pit good vs. evil. Star Wars is where you go for great action adventure, good vs. evil. Star Trek was wholly separate because it was concerned with the human condition and the state of the future.

In short, I will roundhouse kick anyone in the face that calls the original series a silly 60s camp show with no entertainment value. It made me contemplate my very existence and it did so on the budget of a bologna sandwich.

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100% canon nerdiness of Captain James T. Kirk

  • was once described as "a stack of books with legs"
  • quotes peter pan
  • quotes John Masefield
  • quotes Charles Dickens
  • quotes Shakespeare
  • quotes paradise lost
  • Bones gave him 18th century glasses as a present and Spock gave him an antique edition of A Tale of Two Cities

in summation: kirk is a great big nerd and i love it

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things that are not okay

  • deforest kelley telling william shatner on his deathbed “let’s make just one more “Star Trek” movie i sure miss making those movies”
  • deforest kelley never getting to meet his counter part bones, karl urban, in the reboot series
  • a world without deforest kelley
  • and that’s the list
  • there is no more

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get this as a tee/print/sticker: { x }
damn this took a lot of time and blood but i sure as hell enjoyed every hour of it <3


get this as a tee/print/sticker: { x }

damn this took a lot of time and blood but i sure as hell enjoyed every hour of it <3

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You know what people never seem to mention about Uhura? That she’s kinda vain. Before I’m attacked for stating a character flaw I know that she has good qualities like being very smart when it comes to languages (and relearning everything after a robot wipes her memory Jesus Christ). McCoy has some flaws too like being way to harsh to Spock sometimes or Scotty having a hard time talking to woman.

Remind me to never paint again. This is a bulbweed from the fanfiction, &#8220;the lotus eaters&#8221; or what i like to call asshole plants. I&#8217;m forcing myself to post this even though i hate it.

Remind me to never paint again. This is a bulbweed from the fanfiction, “the lotus eaters” or what i like to call asshole plants. I’m forcing myself to post this even though i hate it.

….the best Star Trek fanfiction I’ve read is “the lotus eaters” on AO3….. great story and twist….Fuck I wish there was more to read….

Another complaint about the reboot movies is that they make chekov out as this cutesy boy but in reality he’s not far behind Spock in terms of being sassy



For those who aren’t Trekkies, these screengrabs come from the Star Trek: TOS episode “Patterns of Force,” in which the Enterprise encounters a Nazi planet (not simply modeled on the Nazis, but actually Nazi—swastikas, Fuhrer and all).

This line makes me chuckle, but at the same time I’ve always wondered just how much trouble William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (both Jewish) had getting into those uniforms. They were both 14 when the Holocaust ended—old enough to really “get” both the horror of the Holocaust itself and the devastating, direct aftereffects it had on the American Jewish community. My mother once told me she was shocked that Hebrew Schools spend so much time on the Holocaust these days, because in her childhood (she became a bat mitzvah the year after this episode aired) the Holocaust was NEVER spoken about—you would regularly see people with tattooed arms or spend time with other kids with practically no extended family, but you just didn’t ask. It was too raw, too recent, too big.

And then, right in the middle of all that silence, Star Trek did an episode about Nazis.

How did Shatner, a blonde Jew, feel about being the subject of the line “You should make a very convincing Nazi” (played for laughs)? How did Nimoy feel about the scene where a Nazi “expert” examines him and rattles off a list of physical descriptions of him as proof that his character is an inferior race (also played for laughs)? How did they feel about having to put on those uniforms? How did they feel about the episode ending with the typical “everyone is chuckling on the bridge, now go to warp” conclusion? How did they feel about Star Trek even trying to tackle the Holocaust, so soon after it ended?

I have never seen an interview with either actor where anyone asked them about this episode. I have never read an article about the Jewish influence on the series (and there are many, many such articles—not only were Shatner and Nimoy Jewish, so were many of the writers) that discusses this episode. And that bothers me. Yes, I found the episode hugely problematic, and it is not one of Star Trek’s finest plotlines by any stretch—but for all its flaws, this episode has stuck with me more than most, precisely because I have so many questions. So when Trekkies/Trekkers dismiss this episode mockingly as just “that Nazi Planet episode,” it bothers me. Because there is so, so much more going on than that.

I don’t know what the point to this rant is, but when I saw this on my dash, I had to write it. Take it as you will.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought this…ntm there was some comment about Spock’s appearance in this episode that REALLY bothered me because while it’s fine and dandy to say that Spock is Vulcan…LEONARD NIMOY IS NOT. 

The thing about Star Trek is that it focused on controversial subjects, such as woman as ranking officials, Chekov as a main characters with the cold war going on, and one of the first interracial kisses on television. Most of these made people uncomfortable but they still showed them. I admit i don’t know how Shatner and Nimoy felt about this but the two of them are very open minded and progressive people so hey may have been fine with it?

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Anonymous asked: About your last post... But the Kirk in the Reboot was supposed to be a "different" Kirk. Reboot!Kirk didn't grow up with his father alive nor does it appear that his mother was really involved in his childhood. Also, reboot!Kirk was older when he attended the academy than TOS!Kirk. Thus, it stands to reason that there is an inherent difference between the pair (emotionally and mentally).

Yeah I’ve seen this argument dozens of times and i honestly believe its a true justification. I bitch about the reboot often but when it comes down to it, most of the characters had different pasts and experience is what our personalities are built from. Growing up without the same circumstances may have changed Kirk (to my great disappointment) but what about Spock? He seemed more emotional and as far as i can tell didn’t have his life altered. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if the characters are different…. Its not really them and it kinda hurts because then it doesn’t really feel like Star Trek.

One of the many inconsistencies of the new Star trek movie is that in TOS is mentioned Kirk was grim guy when he was in the academy; a real bookworm. Sorry i just have to bitch about everything wrong in the reboot xD