Anonymous asked: About your last post... But the Kirk in the Reboot was supposed to be a "different" Kirk. Reboot!Kirk didn't grow up with his father alive nor does it appear that his mother was really involved in his childhood. Also, reboot!Kirk was older when he attended the academy than TOS!Kirk. Thus, it stands to reason that there is an inherent difference between the pair (emotionally and mentally).

Yeah I’ve seen this argument dozens of times and i honestly believe its a true justification. I bitch about the reboot often but when it comes down to it, most of the characters had different pasts and experience is what our personalities are built from. Growing up without the same circumstances may have changed Kirk (to my great disappointment) but what about Spock? He seemed more emotional and as far as i can tell didn’t have his life altered. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if the characters are different…. Its not really them and it kinda hurts because then it doesn’t really feel like Star Trek.

One of the many inconsistencies of the new Star trek movie is that in TOS is mentioned Kirk was grim guy when he was in the academy; a real bookworm. Sorry i just have to bitch about everything wrong in the reboot xD

into the darkness

Ooh the humanity…! I’m hoping this goddamn movie meets my extremely high expectations. Heavens know the last one didn’t

Sometimes I find it hard to believe just how gay Spock and Kirk are

I rage everytime i see the 2009 Star Trek movie

Seriously, is anyone else bothered by the Star Trek reboot? I understand if you enjoyed the movie and characters if you’ve never seen the original series but how can you like it if you have seen the original? In comparison reboot!Spock is too emotional, reboot!Kirk seems like the typical Hollywood smart, playboy hero who everyone likes(I hate it when people make Kirk out to be a whore, he really isnt), and McCoy is cynical. Cynical. McCoy is far from cynical! He thinks with his heart too much, he believes in idealistic things, and he seems to really care for doing small things which make us ‘human’. Yeah, they’re younger and not as experienced but I don’t feel like they’re the same people. Ill admit they picked a perfect cast, though xD

So…are there any nuetral Star Trek fans? Ones who are not anti-slash fans who go, “WHAT. NO. YOU CANNOT FANTASIZE. THERE’S NO LOVE BETWEEN THEM.” Or slash fans who go, “IT IS ABSOLUTELY CANON. HERE LET ME SHOVE THIS PAIRING DOWN YOUR THROAT.” Cause if they’re are…Yo….

So many new Spock/Kirk fanfictions are centered around the idea that their relationship is strained and they argue and don’t get along. NO. For the love of god that’s just the 2009 movie butchering the characters. They were fucking best buds in the original series. Gaul.